Red Ball 4 Tips & Tricks to Keep The Game Rolling

There are tons of games that receive a sequel for being so good, and the Red Ball series is more than just good. It’s certified creative, exciting, and action-packed, and it’s here with its fourth sequel called Red Ball 4. Even though it’s under the casual platformer game genre, it will never make you feel bored because of its exhilarating gameplay. The game has incredibly polished graphics and gameplay, making it ideal for all ages. All players need to do is jump, roll, and bounce their way through various stages. But they need to be aware of the evil minions in their way!

Moreover, Red Ball 4 makes the gameplay more inviting and challenging with the various obstacles, big bosses, and square minions features. Plus, it’s also physics-based, thus creating an incredible atmosphere in the game. With the 75 levels to conquer, players will have a fantastic time winning each problematic level from the last.

So, if you’re one of these players who want to become a pro at rolling the red ball, check out the tips and tricks that we have curated just for you. These will help you overcome the different challenges that come your way, especially those evil minions!

Red Ball 4 game

Image Source: Red Ball 4 Trailer


Momentum is the Key to Keep the Ball Rolling

Red Ball 4 is unlike any other platformer game because it’s not all about just pressing left and right. As mentioned in the introduction, the game is physics-based. So naturally, you need to wait for the right momentum to move the ball. If you want to jump far, you need to follow the rhythm of the game. And once you do, that’s the perfect time for you to jump.

But first, you need to have enough space to roll and get a headstart. This kind of concept is very important when dealing with the levels in the game. Many of the levels require this gameplay, and you have to use physics to your advantage. It might be tricky at first, but practice will surely make you able to master this perfectly.

Get those Gold Medals!

When you complete a level in Red Ball 4, the game will reward you with a gold medal. But first, you must achieve the level in a certain way. For you to get a gold medal, you must first collect all the stars in the level. Next, you have to defeat or kill all the square minions. This means that you must squish them instead of jumping over them. If an enemy respawns, you must only kill them once and move on. And if you missed an enemy and already passed a checkpoint, you’ll need to go back and start over. Remember, there’s no way to backtrack once you reach a checkpoint.

Prevent the Red Ball from Frowning

Sometimes, you will find the red ball frowning or sad. If you see this type of face, that means you missed an essential part of the level. It also, sadly, means you have no chances of making it right or completing that part of the level. Possibly, you might have dropped a vital item or missed collecting it and unexpectedly already passed the checkpoint. It also means that once you see the ball frown, it’s as good as restarting the level. Keep in mind that there are levels that you can still beat even with the frowning red ball, but it’ll be more challenging.

Red Ball 4 bouncing ball


Know How to Kill the Enemies

Stationary enemies mean they don’t move, so killing them is much easier because all you have to do is squish them. There are times, however, when you might hit them on their side, at which point you’ll be taking a bit of damage. On the other hand, bouncing enemies are more complicated since they move around. Hitting them on their sides means you will take another damage. So, to avoid this kind of accident, you have to jump at the right time and bounce on top of them, just as they’re going up.

Another enemy you might encounter is the exploding enemy. Aside from dealing a lot of damage, they’re pretty good at going after the red ball. In this instance, you need to be careful when they are around. You can try luring them and then prepare to jump. Just make sure to run away once you hit them.

Face to Face with the Boss

All bosses look different, but they work the same way. And once you reach the end of the world, they’re the last enemies you will face. All you have to do is hit them six times to kill them. Unfortunately, jumping and killing them six times isn’t as easy as it seems. That is because once you hit them three times, they will send their minions after you. So, you’ll have to deal with these minions first before you can start jumping and hitting the big boss again. Remember, hit the evil minions only when they are yellow.


If you think you’re ready to roll around and squish those enemies while traversing the course, make sure to follow the list above as your guide. These are all you need to become a pro at defeating the big boss and preventing them from making the round world square in Red Ball 4!